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Amsoil. What’s the Big Deal?

Amsoil. What’s the Big Deal?

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle, without it the engine will not work. In an earlier article we looked at the difference between regular and synthetic oil. First Gear uses Amsoil for our synthetic choice. Today we are asking what’s the big deal with Amsoil? And is it really better than other synthetic brands? We think so and these are the reasons why.

Amsoil has been in the oil industry since 1972 and is considered one of the leaders in synthetic oil, consistently striving to set the bar higher.

The oil beats global performance standards in both domestic and imported vehicles.

 Their products give your vehicle maximum power for maximum performance and fuel efficiency by effectively reducing friction and heat. In other words, the oil doesn’t evaporate at moderate to high temperatures. This is the oil’s advantage over other blends that tend to vaporize to give heavier and thicker oils. Heavy and thick oils only leads to poor circulation, low fuel economy, and increased oil consumption.

 Amsoil products effectively protects all moving parts from potential damage and stress inflicted in high temperatures and high-stress conditions through minimal oil consumption, emissions and wear and tear. It actually cools down the lubricated systems so that they perform better for a longer time.

 Amsoil also has superior performance in our cold Canadian climate. The oil has a low cold weather pour point which means that the oil remains fluid even at temperatures as low as -75°F. This helps your engine start up easier in the cold weather and leads to fast lubrication, which means better protection and fuel economy.

Amsoil is one of the only companies in the industry to offer a warranty on their products. They guarantee that their oils do not cause any form of mechanical damage as long as used as recommended. 

To ask if you should switch to Amsoil at your next oil change give First Gear a call today.