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Fluids & Filters

Fluids & Filters

There are a few important things that you will want to check after the winter has ended to ensure your vehicle rides into spring free of issues. The first is the fluids quality and levels in your vehicle. After that you want to make sure that all of your car’s filters are working well and don’t need replacing. Here is a list of the fluids and filters in your car, when they need to be replaced and how often they should be checked so you can ride into spring with peace of mind.


The oil is the life blood of your car. Keeping up with regular oil changes is key to maintaining a long engine life. Over time oil loses it’s lubrication and cooling properties. Parts of the engine that aren’t getting lubricated begin to corrode. Notice the level of the oil, the colour and the consistency. If the oil level is low, you should top it up before you drive the car. If the oil is thick and gritty and the colour is dark that means that it is time for an oil change.


Power Steering Fluid lubricates all of the moving parts within the power steering system and helps transfer power from the steering wheel to the steering mechanism. First Gear Automotive recommends changing your power steering fluid every 80,000km or two years, whichever comes first. If the fluid is dark or contains debris it is time for a change.



Brake fluid helps transfer the movement and force created when you press down on the brake pedal. Without brake fluid, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to stop when you push on your brake pedal. First Gear recommends changing your brake fluid every 2 years.


In an automatic transmission, ATF lubricates the moving parts and provides hydraulic pressure and friction to make the internal parts work. Transmission fluid in both manual and automatic transmissions also helps to keep the transmission cool. First Gear recommends changing the transmission oil every 50,000-100,000 km depending on the car and the driving conditions.


In winter when the roads are slushy and salty we suggest topping up your windshield washer fluid every time you put gas in your car to ensure you can always see out the window. In the spring and summer when the roads and cleaner and drier we suggest topping up every third gas trip.



The primary purpose of coolant is transferring heat and preventing engine damage caused by freezing or boiling. Heat can only be effectively transferred with a liquid in the system, so it’s crucial to keep your coolant from freezing or evaporating. Coolant also lubricates the moving parts it comes into contact with. First Gear Automotive recommends checking for a coolant flush at 100,000km. We also check and fill the coolant with each oil change.


This cleans the air that comes into the cabin of the car through the heating and air conditioning system. It filters out airborne particles including dust and pollen. A carbon activated cabin filter also filters exhaust gasses and odours. You should replace your cabin filter every 45,000km or sooner in dusty conditions.


Just as humans need oxygen to breathe, a car needs oxygen for the combustion process. The air filter prevents any insects, dust, particles, sand or debris reaching the engine and ensures a good mixture of air and fuel to support performance. First Gear recommends changing your air filter every year or at 24,000-45,000km.


The oil filter removes particles like dirt, oxidized oil, metallic particles and engine debris that may appear in the motor oil due to engine wear. It purifies the motor oil so that it can do its job efficiently and ensures that your engine runs smoothly. An oil filter has enough contaminant holding capacity to remain fully functional until the next oil change.


The fuel filter removes impurities like dust, rust and grit contained in the fuel. By eliminating these contaminants, the fuel filter protects your fuel injectors and plays a key role in maintaining the performance and longevity of your car engine. Your fuel filter needs to be changed every two years or 45,000km.

First Gear Automotive checks all of your fluids and filters with every oil change. Call to book your spring maintenance package including oil change and tire swap today.