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Light it Up! The Advantages of LED Lights

Light it Up! The Advantages of LED Lights

Let’s talk lights. The headlights of your vehicle are one of the most important safety elements yet are also one of the most neglected. Your headlights allow you to see farther in front of you in bad weather and night driving and also let other drivers see you better. LED lights provide many advantages over the traditional halogen. Here we talk about the top 5 reasons why you should have them.


LED lights are more efficient than halogen bulbs, they give more light and emit less heat than halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs only convert 20% of the power that they draw to light and 80% to heat, where LED’s are reversed and convert 80% to light and only 20% to wasted heat. This means that the LED bulbs are brighter and use less of your vehicles power supply.


LED bulbs dramatically improve nighttime visibility. Brighter, clear, focused and far reaching they shine wider and farther. This helps improve response times, gives you more time to react to dangerous situations and helps you avoid hazardous objects on the road.


LED’s are closer to natural light and is easier for our eyes to respond to so you will be helping other drivers on the road.


Traditional halogen bulbs need to be replaced approximately once a year where LED typically last between 5 to 10 years. So if it seems like they are more expensive they actually end up saving you money over time.


LED’s give your car a luxury stylish look with minimal work. If your vehicle didn’t come with LED’s you will most likely need a converter kit to put them in your car. These kits are easy to install and make it so that you can rock LED’s

First Gear offers LED bulbs, kits, installation as well as cleaning and polishing of your cases. Rain, heat sunlight and road conditions can all cause your headlight cases to turn cloudy, our service insures that your new LED lights can shine bright. Book your appointment here.