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Introducing First Gear’s Get to Know Your Vehicle Package

Introducing First Gear’s Get to Know Your Vehicle Package

We rely a lot on our vehicles. We count on them to get us to work, school, run errands, go on road trips, visit loved ones. Let’s face it, most of us would be lost without our cars & trucks. Yet there are many people who do not know the basic maintenance of their vehicle. First Gear tries to offer advice on how we can maintain your car for you, like in our Winter Inspection article. However, we may not always be available to help. What would happened if your car needed a little care and your mechanic was closed or away (yes even mechanic’s sometimes go on holidays) or if your truck needed a little love when the shops were closed? Would you know what to do? Do not worry if you answered no, you are not alone.

That is why First Gear has created the Get to Know Your Vehicle Package. This package is a one on one experience with you, your vehicle and one of our awesome mechanics.

During this package we will show and explain;

  • Where to locate your spare tire and jack
  • How to change your tire
  • How to look for different types of tire wear
  • Where the different fluids that run your vehicle are located, how to check the levels and top them up when needed.
  • Recommended maintenance for your specific vehicle.
  • Answer any questions you have about how your vehicle operates.

Drive with peace of mind. Let First Gear introduce you to the inner workings of your vehicle.

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