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Winter Inspection

Winter Inspection

With the temperatures dropping it is an excellent time to make sure that your car is in good shape to stand up to the cold. First Gear is offering a special on our winter inspection package starting at only $119.00. Below is a list of what is included in the inspection package. We genuinely care about our customers and don’t want you to get stranded in the cold. Let First Gear Automotive make sure your vehicle is winter ready today. Call to book your appointment now!



The oil is the life blood of your car. Keeping up with regular oil changes is key to maintaining a long engine life. Over time oil loses it’s lubrication and cooling properties. Parts of the engine that aren’t getting lubricated begin to corrode. Notice the level of the oil, the colour and the consistency. If the oil level is low, you should top it up before you drive the car. If the oil is thick and gritty and the colour is dark that means that it is time for an oil change.


Two key components to keeping your vehicle running smoothly are the fluids and filters. First Gear checks all of your cars fluids, their quality and levels in your vehicle. We then check to make sure that all of your car’s filters are working well and don’t need replacing. For a list of all of the fluids and filters that your car uses check out our Fluids & Filters article here.


The lights on your vehicle are one of the most important components in keeping you safe, yet are often one of the least thought about parts of a car. Your car’s headlights make it so that you can see better in rain, snow, fog and night and ensure that other vehicles can see you. Your brake lights warn the cars that are behind you that you are braking and slowing down. First Gear recommends LED lights over the traditional halogen bulbs. They last longer, are more efficient, and provide better visibility at night. (For our full list of the benefits of LED lights check out our article here). Making sure that all of the lights of your vehicle are working is vital to safe driving. First Gear always checks your cars headlights, taillights, and turn signals when we do any maintenance inspection or oil change.


A great set of wipers can keep you safe and eliminate stress while driving in a snow storm. Not being able to see while driving is scary. Installing wipers that are designed to deal with ice and snow can ensure that you can see clearly in any weather. Always make sure that your washer fluid is topped up and that it is designed for cold weather so it doesn’t freeze. Running out of washer fluid mid drive means sticking your head out of the window to see. This is not only dangerous but also freaking freezing! First Gear fills up your washer fluid with ever maintenance package and oil change.


As we talked about before, when a car sits the fluids do not move, this includes the brake fluid. When driving a car the constant pressure of stopping and going ensures brake fluid moves throughout the system. If the brake fluid doesn’t flow it can cause the braking system to lose gripping ability. Rotors can also rust quickly when not in use. Rotors are part of your brake system and work with the brake pads to stop your car. Moisture can easily get to the rotors, especially in the winter and will rust them. After only a few weeks of inactivity your rotors can become so bad that they need to be machined or replaced. You can tell the brakes have gone bad if you feel grinding when applying the brakes, and/or hear a high pitched squeaking noise. We will check your pads and rotors to make sure they are working their best to keep you safe.


Many of the belts and hoses in your car contain rubber and plastic. At below zero temperatures these materials can harden and crack. This is why it is important to check all your hoses and belts to look for any damages. Replacing any belts may also require replacing the tensioner and pulleys to ensure the new belt does not slip. The tensioner ensures that the belt delivers enough tension while you’re driving, so that the belt can move the various pulleys that drive the engine components.


In the cold winter months it is extra important to check the battery, alternator, starter. The AVR test provides the three primary functions for testing batteries, starters, alternators. It makes sure that the alternator is putting out the voltage needed to charge the battery and that battery is keeping its  and holding its charge. As well as how much voltage the starter is drawing. By doing this test we can see if there will be a potential problem and fix it before you find that you are stranded somewhere.